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  Meth is in our state, our community,
even in our neighborhoods.
It affects everyone and everything.
It's time to fight back.


What is Meth?
Basic Science, Meth History, Forms, Associated Paraphernalia,  Ingredients, Labs & Their Dangers,  Community Costs, Fast Facts & Statistics, Signs & Symptoms of Use, Effects of Use, Treatment

Drug Endangered Children- Meth's Impact on Children, Signs of Exposure, DEC Team Protocols, Child-Specific Meth Research, Reporting Information, DEC Specific Links

MAPP-SD, a project of Prairie View Prevention Services, Inc., is a comprehensive Methamphetamine awareness and prevention project.  MAPP-SD is dedicated to:
Increase awareness of Meth and the problems associated with its use, manufacture and distribution    
Provide, at no cost, professional Meth awareness and prevention education to groups and organizations on a community, regional and statewide level
Be a no-cost, ongoing resource for South Dakota citizens to deal with issues rising from the manufacture, use and distribution of Meth.




Parents & Teens, What You Need to Know -
Parents: Know the Basics, When to Do What, See It-Say It Six Step Process, Resources.  Teens: Wise Up, Fact vs. Fiction, Resources, Carrie's Story

Property Issues- Real Estate Professionals Information, Home Buyers, Landlords & Renters, Lab Contamination Concerns, Cleaning Methods, SD Recommendations, Remediation Companies

Personal Safety Issues - First Responders, Farmers, Home Site Workers, Outdoor Safety, Stranger Danger, Dealing With Tweakers, ID Theft

Schools &
Schools: Plan Ahead, Material Review, Using Caution, School Staff Info, School Specific Resources. Businesses/Agencies: Meth Alert for Retailers/Motels

Meth in Indian  Country - TokaHe Sdodwaye, Traditional Values, Iktomi, Join the Battle, Tribal Toolkit, Indian Country Meth News

Medical/Dental Issues- Dental Care, Office Procedures, Oral Outcomes, Talking With Patients, Meth Mouth, Mandatory Reporters & Where to Report, Meth & HIV, Meth Exposure in Children, ER Protocols for Children


What is Meth?vDrug Endangered ChildrenvParents/TeensvProperty Issues
Personal Safety
vSchools/BusinessesvIndian CountryvMedical/Dental
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