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In 1997, Darcy Jensen, a drug prevention and treatment counselor in Sioux Falls, began to see Meth as the most troubling drug for many of her clients. With the help of several other concerned people, and the support and help of the South Dakota Department of Human Services’ Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Darcy established a Meth Task Force in Minnehaha County. The first year this diverse group of community members focused on creating local awareness of the dangers of this virtually unknown drug. Next, they began providing education on how to actually impact its use and manufacturing.

In late 2000, Darcy Jensen met with Senator Tom Daschle to explain the devastating effects caused by individuals using and manufacturing Meth and the strain Meth puts on South Dakota’s infrastructure and economy. It was through the efforts of Senator Daschle that Prairie View Prevention Services received funding to expand Meth awareness and prevention efforts to other communities of South Dakota. The grant secured by Senator Daschle is handled through the U.S. Department of Justice COPS program and that funding was awarded in June 2001. It was then that MAPP-SD (Methamphetamine Awareness and Prevention Project of South Dakota) was launched.  The MAPP-SD program is currently the only project of its type in the country, focusing on raising awareness, continuing education and providing resources to aid in the battle against Meth.  All across South Dakota, a network of Methamphetamine Prevention Coordinators provide free support, education and resources to local coalitions and community members to help citizens, business and community leaders, law enforcement and faith based organizations lead the charge against Meth in farmlands, small towns and cities across the state.

MAPP-SD also provides information for local law agencies, the medical community and schools to help them recognize the signs of Meth manufacturing and abuse and offers them the tools they need to enter the battle. 

Meth affects everyone in our state – whether we know a user, are exposed to the toxic residue from its manufacturing or pay higher taxes to help cover the costs of illicit lab clean ups.  MAPP-SD encourages every South Dakotan to join in the fight against Meth.


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