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What Is Meth?

Forms of Meth & Meth Lab in Cooler

A Basic Scientific Explanation
Meth History
Forms of Meth
Meth-Associated Paraphernalia
Meth Ingredients
Community Costs of Meth
Fast Facts & Statistics About Meth
Signs & Symptoms of Meth Use
Effects of Meth Use
  -Meth Treatment & Mental Health
   -Incentive-Based Meth Treatment
   -Indian Health Services Meth Treatment Program

Visit Medical and Dental Issues for details on Meth's health-related consequences, including its relationship to HIV/AIDS

Meth Labs & Their Dangers
 - Types of Labs
 - Lab Contamination
 - Cleaning Methods
 - South Dakota Recommendations
 - Remediation Companies

 - EPA Guidelines for Meth Lab Cleanup

Visit Property Issues for more information on the impact of Meth labs
Visit Meth Related Research for latest developments in contamination and remediation studies.

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Dealing with Tweakers
Impact of Meth on Children

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Personal Safety
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