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Differences Between Male, Female Brain With Prenatal Exposure to Meth?

Researchers from the Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center, a subdivision of Oregon Health and Science University, report new findings from studies on mice with prenatal and/or early exposure to Meth.   They have discovered mice experiencing such exposure show impairment in object recognition, and spatial learning and memory. And female mice are more susceptible than male mice to Meth exposure early in life.

Now the scientists are setting up a new study to find out if humans are affected the same way as the mice.  They are recruiting children, both those who were exposed to Meth before birth and others who have never been exposed to it.  They will also try to determine if a specific gene, also associated with Alzheimer’s disease, helps determine the extent of Meth’s affects on unborn children.

You can access the MARC news release concerning the study here.

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