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Study: Meth & Healthcare 

The National Association of Counties conducted two national surveys in late 2005 concerning illicit drugs and the impact they have on health care.  The results show the stress Meth is causing on our health care system and county resources. 

By the numbers:
of hospitals surveyed that say Meth is the #1 illicit drug involved for visits to their facility
73% of hospitals surveyed report that ER visits involving Meth has grown over the past 5 years
83% report that people needing medical treatment for a Meth related emergency have no insurance

The NACo also surveyed behavioral health officials in 35 states about drug treatment programs and how they have been affected by the Meth epidemic.  Of the officials who responded:
69% report an increased need for programs due to growing use of Meth
54% say the success rate for Meth treatment is different than other for other programs
44% report that Meth addicts require a longer treatment time
63% feel they do not nave sufficient treatment capacity for Meth addicts in their county of those,
say the reason is lack of funding.  

Find the complete report on these surveys here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the report; download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader  here.

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