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Rural Meth Users Face Greater Health Issues

A yearlong study at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Omaha VA Medical Center shows rural Meth users have more medical and psychiatric problems than urban users.   The findings are published in the April issue of the American Journal on Addictions (view abstract) and are summarized from a study of 172 adults in Nebraska with Meth abuse or dependence.   
Lead researcher Kathleen Grant said the findings suggest rural addicts are at higher risk for psychiatric and medical problems such as infectious diseases and lung and liver cancer.

Key points reported in the study show rural participants report:

  • Earlier first regular use of Meth

  • More alcoholism

  • More intravenous use

  • Greater number of cigarettes per day

  • More likely to report Meth-related psychotic symptoms

    Methamphetamine Use in Rural Midwesterners
    Kathleen M. Grant ab; Stephanie Sinclair Kelley b; Sangeeta Agrawal a; Jane L. Meza a; James R. Meyer b; Debra J. Romberger ab
    Affiliations:   a University of Nebraska Medical Center. Omaha, Nebraska
    b Veterans Administration Nebraska Western Iowa Health Care System (Omaha Site). Omaha, Nebraska
    Published in:
    American Journal on Addictions, Volume 16, Issue 2 March 2007 , pages 79 84
    DOI: 10.1080/10550490601184159

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